Running Rigging

We will specify the optimum rope for each application and splicing is an integral part of our service.



With the support of our rope suppliers English Braids and Kingfisher Ropes we carry an up-to-date, comprehensive stock of most commonly used hi-tech and conventional ropes.


We are widely respected and experienced in specifying and supplying running rigging for both the racing enthusiast and the blue water yachtsman.


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Our Product Range


We use and offer a variety of ropes that will improve the operation of all your sailing systems.

Braid on Braid

This 100% Polyester range of ropes designed for sheet and halyard use has superb durability and continues to be the first choice for cruising yachtsmen. Pre-stretched, non-kinking and flexible in all conditions, Braid-On-Braid is easily spliced and works well with deck hardware. Braid-On-Braid is available in a full range of white with flecks or a range of vibrant solid colours.

Cruising Dyneema


The cruising yachtsman's ULTIMATE best buy halyard rope. This range combines the performance of Dyneema® fibre core with a tough, hard wearing Polyester cover. These ropes are designed to replace all Polyester halyards size-for-size so no need to revise hardware yet retaining its easy handling qualities. Dyneema® cruising has less stretch than a pre-stretched Polyester halyard, is easily splicable and is as durable as all Polyester ropes meaning this group of ropes are able to deliver great value for money. Available in vibrant colour options for identification.

Racing Dyneema

High performance cores delivered with Dyneema® fibre protected with a polyester jacket. Available in a large variety of colours.

With a core choice of SK78, our racing Dyneema® rope range provides the premium performance required for high end race craft. Up-graded strength, reduced stretch from pre-stretched core ropes, with low weight all adds to its durability. With the Elite range accompanying these ropes, our racing Dyneema® halyards are the ONLY choice for performance yachts and dinghies.


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