Standing Rigging

Standing Rigging


Standing rigging is a commonly under-appreciated but crucial part of your rig’s structure.


We offer Roll Swaging, Talurits or Swage-Less Terminals and will recommend only the best equipment for your needs.

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Our expert staff will assess potential weaknesses in rigs and rigging of any age or configuration. With increasing interest from insurers in this area, we could save you much heartache and ensure your rigging is in tip-top condition and your crew are safe.

Material things do matter!


Only the best will do.


We manufacture your new standing rigging from premium quality Stainless 316 Grade wires in 1x19, 7x19 and Compact. We have in house hydraulic swaging machines along with talurit press capabilities.

Dependent upon the project, we source our Terminals and Turnbuckles from approved and respected manufacturers.

Rig Direct


Replacement rigging service by mail order.


No Riggers nearby !


We can produce a full set of the highest quality replacement wire rigging at a competetive price and all covered by our 12 month product guarantee.


Just send or we can arrange the collection of your existing rigging and await delivery of your new set.


We can manufacture from your dimensions too.

Our team are able to advise you every step of the way.


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